Sunday, 26 June 2011

AbOut MySelf

        assalamualaikum to all reader. my name is Muhammad Shazni Bin zamri. you can call me shaz. i was born on 17 June 1991 at Hospital Besar Tanjong Karang. I am big brother from three siblings. I live in Selangor. I have studied in Kolej Universiti Antarabangsa Selangor in course Business Management in semester 2. my ambition is to become succesful businessman and become rich, that my target. my hobby is playing volleyball. every evening i will play volleyball with friends and also play for my college team.

        My fathers name is Zamri bin Hamzah. he is 47 years old. he from Terengganu. he work as goverment officer. he is very good person and very love my family. sometime he become scaryfull person when i make a mistake because i always make trouble. he like playing tennis but i think his hobby is give advice to all his son. my mother say he is not a romantic person but he always make people around him happy because he is funny guy. i love him so much because he always help me when i have problem.


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